3x2 Video Wall

FAA San Deigo

This client wanted a large video wall that was 3 monitors wide x 2 monitors high. We selected NEC C551 commercial LED monitors with slim bezels. Everything is controlled via a WyreStorm network controller and uses WyreStorm NHD-100TX and NHD200TX encoders along with WyreStorm NHD-220RX streaming decoders. This results in the ability to have 6 independent images or one giant image spanning all 6 screens or any configuration in between.

Boardroom Audio Video

AirG Boardroom

This client had various meeting rooms in which A/V presentations were very important. They had an array of PC, Mac and other source devices. We ran all the possible connections (HDMI, DP, VGA and Cat5) to custom recessed flip top plates recessed into boardroom tables. A floor runner was mounted to the concrete floor to protect all cables. We used a low-profile permanent mount solution for longevity and safety. The customer was very pleased and had us upgrade their previous A/V installation up to our standards.


2x2 Video wall

Flight Center

This retail travel agency wanted to wow customers as they entered the office. We achieved this with a 4 TV video wall spanning 104' diagonally. A micro-PC is connected in the server room to allow for slideshows of the various feature destinations that they offer. The result were so good that we were asked to recreate this installation at their brand new location as well. Awesome!

Sample Audio Video System for


Sleek and elegant style with a 60-85" LED or OLED TV from Samsung, LG or Sony. Audio reinforcement can be provided by 4 JBL ceiling speakers. California Audio Video Inc will wire the system so it may have multiple source capability such as PC, Mac, Blu Ray or HD cable terminal from Cox, Dish or Spectrum.

Sample Audio Video System for

Restaurants or Bars

Local control of multiple zones of audio and video. Individual selection of any source to any projector or TV zone allows the user to tailor the entertainment to suit the occasion. Seamless audio processing and digital video processing ensure the system will look and sound amazing. A paging microphone can easily be integrated into this A/V design.