Top Reasons to Install a Home Theater

More and more, technology is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. In the entertainment industry, your standard home theater system is far more than just movies and sound. Home theaters today are custom designed to include controls for lighting and comfort. For businesses, a home theater is a tool for both education and communication. If you’re ready to join upgrade your entertainment experience, the experts at California Audio Video, Inc., can help create your custom system. Here are just a few reasons why so many people are making the switch.

When a homeowner decides to invest in a high quality home theater system, they’re usually looking to increase their entertainment factor. They want to have the ultimate viewing experience, whether they’re watching the game on Sunday or cartoons on Saturday. The all-in-one home theater system you find at your local big box store just can’t deliver the same kind of quality and seamless integration. Unless you’re already familiar with electronics, the do-it-yourself setup is often frustrating and requires running cables through your attic. Installing a custom home theater ensures that you get a true surround-sound and high definition experience without lifting a finger.

By adding a custom home theater system to your home or office, you’re also adding to the value of your property. Prospective home buyers often speculate about upgrades they could add to their new home but a custom home with a system already installed is a big selling point. For an office space, a custom system increases the functionality and productivity of the office which is an incentive for small businesses looking to expand.

Unlike the all-in-one systems, you find at the store, a custom theater can adapt to your needs and existing electronics. Today technologies allow for the seamless integration of entertainment systems with lighting and comfort controls. From a tablet or smartphone, you can adjust the volume, dim the lights, and turn on the fan with a touch of a button. You’ll only get this level of integration from a high-quality system and a professional installation.